Summer Faith Series July 28, 2019


Eric and Kevin Hill were among the St. James youth who attended this year’s mission trip. As part of the trip, they canoed in the boundary waters. Eric and Kevin explained that getting away from phones, video games and other distractions of modern life made them feel more connected to God. They felt like they were in “God’s Country”.  Kevin could feel God with him as he learned the new skill of canoeing, and Eric felt that the good weather was a gift from God.

 Their guide began each day by reciting a Bible verse. This was followed with 15 minutes of silent reflection. They said that the experience was very powerful. This week, let’s follow this example. Pack up and bring yourself or your family out into nature. When you arrive, read a Bible verse. Sit, walk, boat, etc., in nature as you reflect on the meaning. Engage your senses: look, feel, smell and appreciate all that God has made!