About Us

God calls us…

The mission and ministry of St. James Lutheran Church begin with God. The church exists not as a human invention but because God calls it into being. Our starting point is not what we want but what God wants. Therefore we are always attentive to God, listening to where and how God is calling us. Each week begins with worship–time devoted to looking beyond our wants and wishes to what God is saying to us.

…to follow Christ…

Christ wants followers, not admirers. We believe that God became like us in Jesus Christ so that we might become like God. This transformation does not happen by standing still but by moving from what is comfortable and familiar to go where Christ is leading the way: serving, giving, loving.

…to make disciples…

Disciples of Jesus are not born, they are made. The church is the training ground and practice arena for Christians. Faith is to be lived out in the world. Church is where we learn the grammar of a faithful life. Faith is caught more than it is taught, so we need to spend time together with other believers and learn from their example.

…and to live the Gospel.

Our reason for being is not to serve the church but to serve God’s people in the world. Christ came that all might have life and have it abundantly. Our lives can become channels for God’s amazing grace. We are meant to be instruments of God’s peace. Whatever blessings we have from God are meant to be shared.


Richard E. HolmerYou are invited to join in sharing the goodness we have found in Jesus Christ and in the challenging yet joyful struggle to be faithful followers.

Peace in Christ,
Richard E Holmer

Richard E. Holmer, Pastor