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A growing community of faith serving the Lake Forest community for over 50 years,
called as people of God to follow Christ, make disciples & live the Gospel


Richard E. HolmerYou are invited to join in sharing the goodness we have found in Jesus Christ and in the challenging yet joyful struggle to be faithful followers.

Peace in Christ,

Richard E Holmer

About Us

The mission and ministry of St. James Lutheran Church begin with God. The church exists not as a human invention but because God calls it into being. Our starting point is not what we want but what God wants. Therefore we are always attentive to God, listening to where and how God is calling us. Each week begins with worship–time devoted to looking beyond our wants and wishes to what God is saying to us.

Latest Sermons

  • For Goodness Sake

    Back in the day, before the internet and Ebay and all the options for online shopping, consumers relied on a different resource: the Sears catalog. It was as thick as a phone book, and it offered everything from hardware to underwear. Those who are old enough may recall a staple

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